I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Millie has a new furever home.
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Hi it’s me Millie! I just wanted to reintroduce myself because I feel like everyone has forgot about me but I’m still here. You see my life started out a little shaky. I was down south and living outside as a puppy. It was pretty scary fending for myself but then I was saved and brought to Freedom First Rescue. They say I’m a really shy girl and they aren’t wrong. I try to be confident but it’s hard for me. I promise I’m trying to be the best girl. I’m just so unsure of things sometimes. My foster siblings are really confident and love everyone. I’m trying really hard to be like them. I follow their lead a lot and I like to think I’m making steps. I think I would really like a home with another fur friend for me. A confident male doggy friend that will watch out for me and I can play and run around with. I would love a doggy boyfriend!


I like kids but I am a little scared with them at first. Once I warm up though I’m pretty good. Kids can just be weird though with high squeaky voices and running around everywhere. Like where are the always running to?! The people at Freedom First say maybe older kids would be better because sometimes I get excited, jump and use my mouth to say Hi. But what do you expect from me, I’m a baby and I’m teething here!

The whole potty training thing is also confusing to me. I’m trying really hard to get it but learning new things is a little challenging. I promise I’m a good girl and want to learn. Maybe someone that is home a lot would be super awesome so we can work on my training together. I dream of a forever family that we can work on training and get super close to each other. I want to learn all the things and I’m treat motivated so this girl will work for the good stuff

My crate training is going ok but I get super upset when I’m left alone. I don’t want to be left behind again. My foster moms tell me I’m safe now but sometimes I just still get so nervous and sad to be left alone. My foster siblings help though because they are crated next to me and this makes me feel a little better.

As far as cats, ehh their ok I mean I wanna play with them but they usually don’t like that. I definitely don’t want to eat them though so no worries there. I’ll stick to my puppy food it’s more nutritious.

Anyways, I hope maybe someone will read this and maybe think that that I may be the missing piece to make their heart complete. I know I’ve been waiting for a forever family for the last 2 months and it seems like no one wants me. I see other puppies getting adopted and I wonder what’s wrong with me? Everyone tells me good things come to those who wait so I guess I’ll just be over here waiting. Maybe I’m the girl for you but if I’m not that’s ok too but can you help me and share my story so maybe it can reach my new mom or dad wherever they may be?

Millie is spayed, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccinations, on heartworm and flea and tick prevention.

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