Our How This All Started

My name is Carlee and I have been working in the veterinary industry since 2010. Often times I see dogs that are abused, neglected and treated like they are a piece of trash or an accessory. Besides being a veterinary nurse, I always felt like there was more I can do. There had to be someway I could make a difference in these dogs lives and save them when they were unwanted or to be euthanized because their owner doesn’t want to deal with it. This being said I decided to start my own dog rescue. I want to be that beacon of hope for dogs that are not cared for. I want to be the one there when their owners don’t want to deal with them anymore and are throw away in a shelter. I also want to be able to pull dogs that are on death row off and get them into amazing foster homes. I want to be the rescue that gives these dogs a chance to shine and show the world that every dog deserves a second chance.

Our initiative is to start off as being a foster based rescue. With a strong core of volunteers and foster homes, I feel as though we can change the lives of many dogs and give them a chance to truly shine. We will pull dogs from “death row” due to lack of space or medical reasons. We will provide any kind of medical and behavioral aftercare that these dogs may need. We will assess their temperament and personalities in their foster homes and will do everything we can to place these discarded dogs into loving forever homes. Freedom First Rescue will also plan to be heavily involved in the community. We will serve the community of current dog owners who may want to keep their dogs, but may need resources to do so. We will be advocates of spaying and neutering all pets. We will assist the community and helping guide them to low cost spay and neuter clinics and fundraising for those pet owners that cannot afford these services on their own.


Carlee Nelson

President , Freedom First Rescue

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