Gone But Not Forgotten


Peacefully left this earth and crossed the rainbow bridge 5/8/21.

Duke was a sweet boy that we took from ACCT Philly. A few days in foster care and we realized that Duke had some pretty significant medical issues such as prostate cancer, congestive heart failure and a suspected brain tumor. As Duke’s health declined so did his mental state and he stated having aggressive unprovoked outburst which resulted in 2 different dog bites.

We knew Duke was a good boy but was suffering physically and mentally and felt the best thing for Duke was to let him peacefully pass filled with love and free of pain. Duke will always hold a special place in our hearts. Run free sweet boy.


Peacefully left this world to cross the rainbow bridge 10/6/20.

Gus was the best puppy with a kind heart and soul. He was social and incredibly confident. He unfortunately was not strong enough to fight through a necessary hernia surgery to better his life. He was born with this birth defect along with other health issues. He was with us for 5 short weeks in foster care but has left an impact on our hearts forever.

We miss him every day and our hearts hold a very special place for Gus. He left this world to soon but left us with memories forever.


Peacefully left this world to cross the rainbow bridge 7/13/2020

Pretzel was failed by his previous owners and was taken on a 5 mile hike on a 100 degree day. He was brought into the vet hospital for severe heat exhaustion and seizures and surrendered. We tried to save Pretzel but the damage was to great and his body and organs began to shut down. We didn’t know Pretzel long, but we knew him long enough to know he was a sweet boy that did not deserve this ending. We are sorry Pretzel and you will be missed.

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