Adoptable Dogs


1 year old (Pit Bull/Vizsla Mix)

Boss or little B as we like to call him is your typical 1.5 year old pit/vizsla mix pup. He was put on the euthanasia list at a local shelter in Philadelphia due to his ME and we picked him up an hour before his scheduled euthanasia. Boss is not defined by his megaesophagus. Actually quite the opposite, he thinks he’s a totally normal dog and we like to try to keep it that way. He is with a veterinary nurse that manages his megaesophagus very well. He eats in his bailey chair with a slow down bowl and has learned to get used to eating in there. He will come with this chair to whoever chooses to adopt him. He also wears a pro collar that helps him a lot. Boss lives with two dogs and a cat and he loves them all. He is the kind of dog that will walk up to anyone adult or child and give them kisses and a tail wag. He also loves going on adventures. He recently went camping with his foster family and did great exploring and visiting local breweries and vineyards.

Medical information (spay/neuter, microchipped, other health conditions):
● Chipped
● Up to date on vaccines
● Neutered
● On flea/tick and Heartworm prevention
●  Heartworm Negative and full blood panel done all normal

Where and how ME was diagnosed
 Animal hospital (give name if known): Valley Central Referral and Emergency and Hanoverview Animal Hospital
 X-rays or barium swallow: X-Rays

Food brands and consistency fed (meatballs, milkshake, pureed, etc):
● Wellness Puppy
● Mixed/blended with water in Slurry

Fed how many times a day:
3 times a day

What position and timeframe is used:
● Fed in upright
● Sits for 20 min after eating

Meds currently taken:
Sildenafil 20mg twice daily
Omeprazole 20mg once daily
Famotidine 20mg twice daily
Sucralfate 1g twice daily
Cerenia 60mg only as needed

Hydration method and consistency (Knox Blox, Thick It, SubQ, etc):
● Currently just the water that is soaks his food
● Drinks a little water after his meal in his chair

Items that will go to new owner (Pro Collar, chair, bed, health records, etc):
● Bailey chair with slow down bowl
● Pro Collar
● Bedding/toys
● All med records
● Any food remaining
● Any meds remaining

Exercise preferred (if any) and level (high, moderate, low):
● Enjoys playing
● high energy

● Super dog friendly (lives with 2 males in foster care)
● Cat friendly (lives with a cat)
● Walks well on a leash
● Housebroken
● Crate trained
● Kid friendly of all ages

Additional notes (any other pertinent information that will help you decide if you might be safe, loving his forever home):

Boss or Little B as we like to call him is the absolutely sweetest boy that is not defined by him mega esophagus. As far as he’s concerned he’s your typical average bouncy puppy. He loves every single person he meets!  He loves going on adventures and even went camping with his foster family and did incredible. We know he needs a special home and someone that will manage his medical needs but he is totally worth it.

Boss’s Wish List


1 year old (Pit Bull Mix)

Welcome Blue! He is a sweet 1 year old pitty boy that acts like he’s never had a bad day in his life. To be honest, I wish I had Blue’s attitude about life. Blue is 70 pounds and kind of unaware of his size. He was found as a stray in Philly but it’s clear that he was once owned as he appears potty trained, crate trained and knows sit. He also enjoys the company of other dogs. We are recommending older children for Blue because he runs around like a wrecking ball when excited and we don’t want him to accidentally knocking anyone over. Blue also is not the greatest with cats or small animals. He has a prey drive and likes to chase. Blue is the biggest ball enthusiast and is a master at fetch. Nothing makes him happier to be running around outside. He would make an awesome hiking or running buddy.

Blue is neutered, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccines, heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention.

Blue’s Wish List


Birthdate: 5/20/21 (Pit Bull Mix)

Welcome Charlie! Charlie was found as a stray and brought to the shelter. No one came for Charlie so he found his way with us. Charlie is approximately 6 months old. He is a little shy at first but warms up quickly. Charlie is dog friendly. In fact, Charlie would do best in a home with another dog to help with his confidence. Because of this we are recommending Charlie’s future adopters have another dog friendly dog in the home. Charlie will be working on potty training and crate training in foster care. We are unsure of how Charlie would be with cats or children as he has not been around them in foster care. Charlie’s future adopters must also have a fenced in yard as he does has a history of running if given the chance.

Charlie is neutered, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccines and heartworm negative and on heartworm prevention.

Charlie’s Wish List


Birthdate: 9/1/21 (Husky/Shepherd Mix)

Welcome Zeke! Zeke was surrendered to our rescue when his previous owners realized that Zeke’s medical needs were too great for them to handle which is totally understandable. Zeke was born with front leg deformities which was giving him a lot of trouble walking. As time went by in foster care, Zeke’s legs started to straighten out and heal on their own. Even the orthopedic doctor said this is very uncommon but amazing and nothing needed to be done for Zeke’s legs. Zeke ended up having another issue though. He was diagnosed with parvovirus. After 48 hours in the hospital, Zeke was discharged. Just like Zeke’s leg issues, he miraculously recovered from parvovirus. Zeke is one strong boy and ready for his forever!

Zeke will be neutered, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccines and started on heartworm prevention prior to adoption.

Zeke’s Wish List


Birthdate: 4/11/21 (Pit Bull Mix)

Welcome Elmo! He is a sweet 7 month old pitty. Elmo is 35 pounds and will likely be fully grown at 45-50 pounds. He was found as a stray in Philly but it’s clear that he was once owned as he appears potty trained, crate trained and knows sit. Elmo is dog friendly and super playful so if he does go to a home with another dog, it is best this dog can match Elmo’s energy. We are recommending a home with no cats for Elmo. Elmo is a HUGE cuddle enthusiast and loves to curl up in your lap. He is also a fan of running around and going on adventures. This little guy can do it all.

Elmo will be neutered, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccines, heartworm tested and on heartworm prevention prior to adoption

Elmo’s Wish List



Birthdate: 7/31/2021 (Pit bull/ Lab Mix)

Welcome Oakley! Oakley was found as a stray in Philly and brought into ACCT. When no one came for him, he came to us. Oakley is your typical happy go lucky puppy. He is super dog friendly and loves every one he meets. Oakley is a big boy already and around 30 pounds and growing quickly. He is also very smart and knows sit and working on “give paw.” He is working on his crate training and potty training in foster care as well. Oakley MUST go to a home with another young playful medium to large breed dog he can run and play with as this is what he is used to in foster care and is truly thriving. We are not sure how Oakley would be with cats but would likely chase and want to jump on them and play.

Oakley will be neutered, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccines, started on flea and tick and heartworm prevention prior to adoption.


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