Adoptable Dogs


1 year old (Pit Bull Mix )

Boss or little B as we like to call him is your typical 1.5 year old pit/vizsla mix pup. He was put on the euthanasia list at a local shelter in Philadelphia due to his ME and we picked him up an hour before his scheduled euthanasia. Boss is not defined by his megaesophagus. Actually quite the opposite, he thinks he’s a totally normal dog and we like to try to keep it that way. He is with a veterinary nurse that manages his megaesophagus very well. He eats in his bailey chair with a slow down bowl and has learned to get used to eating in there. He will come with this chair to whoever chooses to adopt him. He also wears a pro collar that helps him a lot. Boss lives with two dogs and a cat and he loves them all. He is the kind of dog that will walk up to anyone adult or child and give them kisses and a tail wag. He also loves going on adventures. He recently went camping with his foster family and did great exploring and visiting local breweries and vineyards.

Medical information (spay/neuter, microchipped, other health conditions):
● Chipped
● Up to date on vaccines
● Neutered
● On flea/tick and Heartworm prevention
●  Heartworm Negative and full blood panel done all normal

Where and how ME was diagnosed
 Animal hospital (give name if known): Valley Central Referral and Emergency and Hanoverview Animal Hospital
 X-rays or barium swallow: X-Rays

Food brands and consistency fed (meatballs, milkshake, pureed, etc):
● Wellness Puppy
● Mixed/blended with water in Slurry

Fed how many times a day:
3 times a day

What position and timeframe is used:
● Fed in upright
● Sits for 20 min after eating

Meds currently taken:
Sildenafil 20mg twice daily
Omeprazole 20mg once daily
Famotidine 20mg twice daily
Sucralfate 1g twice daily
Cerenia 60mg only as needed

Hydration method and consistency (Knox Blox, Thick It, SubQ, etc):
● Currently just the water that is soaks his food
● Drinks a little water after his meal in his chair

Items that will go to new owner (Pro Collar, chair, bed, health records, etc):
● Bailey chair with slow down bowl
● Pro Collar
● Bedding/toys
● All med records
● Any food remaining
● Any meds remaining

Exercise preferred (if any) and level (high, moderate, low):
● Enjoys playing
● high energy

● Super dog friendly (lives with 2 males in foster care)
● Cat friendly (lives with a cat)
● Walks well on a leash
● Housebroken
● Crate trained
● Kid friendly of all ages

Additional notes (any other pertinent information that will help you decide if you might be safe, loving his forever home):

Boss or Little B as we like to call him is the absolutely sweetest boy that is not defined by him mega esophagus. As far as he’s concerned he’s your typical average bouncy puppy. He loves every single person he meets!  He loves going on adventures and even went camping with his foster family and did incredible. We know he needs a special home and someone that will manage his medical needs but he is totally worth it.

Boss’s Wish List


Birthdate: 6/26/21 (Pit Bull Mix)

Welcome little Ashes! Ashes was brought into the shelter as a found stray. We picked this sweet boy up from ACCT and he is getting settled into foster care nicely.

Ashes is a typical puppy that loves to play and is very mouthy. He LOVES his pitty foster sister and is making steps with potty training and crate training.

Ashes is looking for a very specific home as we have put these requirements for Ashes as we feel this will be the best home for him to thrive. Ashes must go to a home:

  1. A young playful large to medium size breed dog. Ashes thrives when he has another dog around. He plays rough so small breed dogs may not be best as Ashes will be growing much bigger.
  2. Someone who is home to let ashes out at a minimum of every 5-6 hours. He is a baby and cannot hold it that long nor is he fully potty trained(yet).
  3. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 6. Ashes is a puppy. Yes, we know this but he is VERY MOUTHY (more than your average puppy). He grabs faces, noses and hands so we feel as though he would enjoy using smaller children as a teething toy.
  4. A home where he has a yard to play and run in. No apartments.
  5. A family that will love him unconditionally and put a lot of effort into training this baby land shark.

Ashes will be neutered, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccinations and started on flea and tick and heartworm prevention prior to adoption.

Ashes’ Wish List


Birthdate: 3-4 years (Chihuahua)

Welcome Margarita! She was brought into the shelter as a found stray. We picked this sweet/nervous girl up from ACCT and she is getting settled into foster care nicely.

Margarita was covered in fleas and due to this does have a lot of skin irritation that she is getting medicated baths for till her skin clears. She did have some good dog meets with other small dogs in the shelter. She also appears potty trained and crate trained. We haven’t had Margarita long but we does seems very shy and would likely enjoy a quiet home. She is in a foster home with older children and has done well with them so far. Stay tuned for updates on Margarita as we get to know her more.

Margarita will be spayed, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccinations and started on flea and tick and heartworm prevention prior to adoption.

Margarita’s Wish List


Birthdate: 3/12/21 (Pit Bull Mix)

Welcome sweet Tilly Roo! But we call her Tilly for short. Our friends at Town Of Hempstead Animal Shelter reached out to us about Tilly because they know how much we loved medical cases! Tilly was found tied to a dumpster and unable to walk. Both her front legs were broken and she was abandoned left to fend for herself. Thrown out like trash… But don’t worry Tilly we got you now. TOH fixed her up and sent her our way.

After 10 weeks in recovery, Tilly is fully healed after major elbow surgeries and implant removals. She does have some very serious arthritis and will need to be on joint supplements for life to help manage this. She will walk with a pretty significant limp for the rest of her life but she is not bothered by this nor does she think she is any different from any other dog. She is cat friendly, kid friendly and dog friendly but can be dominant with female dogs. Because of this, she must go to a home with male dogs only. She is working on her crate and potty training in foster care. She also does have separation anxiety so future adopters should be aware of this and willing to work with her.

Tilly is spayed, microchipped, up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations and started on flea and tick and heartworm prevention.

Tilly’s Wish List



Birthdate: 12/9/20 (Pit Bull Mix)

Welcome Nova! Nova was brought into the shelter as a found stray. We picked this sweet girl up from our friends at ACCT and she is getting settled into foster care nicely.

We do not know much about Nova but we can tell you she is a very shy but sweet girl. We don’t know her past but we can tell in her eyes she so badly wants to trust, love and curl up in a lap. It will be our mission to show her that the world is not a scary place and all people aren’t bad. You’re new beginning starts now miss Nova. Nova is dog friendly and had some great meets at the shelter. She will be foster with 3 other dogs and cats. Once she is settled in and adjusted, she will meet them all. We are not accepting apps yet as we want to learn more about Nova and her personality before pairing her with her perfect forever.

Nova will be spayed, microchipped, given all age appropriate vaccinations and started on flea and tick and heartworm prevention prior to adoption.




Birthdate: 1/19/21 (Pit Bull/Hound Mix)

Welcome Gump! Gump came to us at 3 months old with both of his front legs broken. How this happened? We have no idea but we do know he was found as a stray and was going to have a long road of recovery. Fast forward 3 surgeries later and a few months of recovery and Gump is fully medically cleared and able to walk again.

Gump is super dog friendly and must go to a home with another playmate as he depends heavily on having a puppy friend. He will do best with a larger submissive dog as Gump is about 45 pounds now and a growing boy. He does play like a big dog as he is being fostered with 4 large breed dogs and can play rough. Gump is friendly with cats and children of all ages. He does have some lasting effects from his surgeries and already does have some arthritis and will need to be kept on daily joint supplements. He will not be a boy equip for hiking or long walks but he can do a lot of other things. Ideally, Gump would love a fenced in yard where he can run and play with another doggy sibling or two.

Gump is also crate trained and potty trained. He is up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and started on flea and tick and heartworm prevention.




2-3 years old (Pit bull Mix)

Welcome Matylda! She came to us from ACCT. This girl is super special and is incredibly sweet. We don’t know her whole story but know she was found wondering up and down a freeway. It’s a small miracle she wasn’t hit by a car. Despite being failed by humans, she is still an incredible social girl and loves snuggling and getting pets. She is dog friendly and appears potty trained.

Matylda is currently being treated for allergies, skin infections and ear infections. She will be spayed prior to adoption as well as receive entropion surgery to fix her eye issues. She is already started on flea and tick and heartworm prevention. We will make an announcement when Matylda is ready for applications and adoption but for now we want her to get healthy first.


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